Where the partners are involved in every aspect of the search, providing experience, value and results. We have been completing search engagements for clients for over 18 years. Here is what a sample of our customers and candidates say: 

Executive Leader, Banking

“I was thrilled and impressed with the extremely thorough and professional service from ClearView Executive Search. Looking for work can be a very stressful process. Mike at Clearview made sure that I was prepared at every step of the way with his extensive preparation process. He gave me examples of interview questions and an outline of what qualities the hiring executive would be looking for. This made it simple for me to prepare for the interviews. I was able to focus my answers in a way that highlighted my transferable qualities. He made sure to follow up with me at every step and he was encouraging and positive. He also gave me feedback from the interviewer. Again this was very useful information. Mike was very skilled at guiding me through the entire process from the initial interview to negotiating my hiring package.

 I am thrilled with my new role and I would highly recommend Mike and ClearView Executive Search to anyone looking for a senior role or any employer looking to secure excellent talent for their company..” 

Senior Executive, Technology

“Mike and his team were great at keeping me updated throughout the search, they answered all my questions and informed me where we were in the process.  He did a great job of placing me in my current role.” 


Executive Leader, Financial Services

"A great placement, an amazing team member.  A fantastic hire."  

SVP Sales, Technology Company

"I have worked with Mike Gooley and he has been very successful at identifying and attracting smart, talented leaders. His combination of hard work, industry knowledge and years of experience in the business are what make him successful.  Mike completes the mandate and I have been delighted with the results."